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    brd merits ?


    brd merits ? Empty brd merits ?

    Post  Guest on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:21 pm

    my bard is 73 1/2 at the moment soon to be 75

    I have a hard time which merits I should put in

    Group 1
    Lullaby recast (-1 second per upgrade)
    finale recast (-1 second per upgrade)
    minne effect (+1 per upgrade)
    minuet effect (+1 per upgrade)
    madrigal effect (+1 per upgrade)

    Group 2
    Nightingale -2 minuets 30 secondrecast per upgrade

    Troubadour 2 minuets 30 secondrecast per upgrade

    Foe Sirvente Reduces target party member's enmity loss.loss 5% per upgrade

    Adventurer's Dirge -3 enmity per upgrade

    Nightingale, Troubadour is useful yet, I feel Foe Sirvente and Adventurer's Dirge can be used for advantage..

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    brd merits ? Empty Re: brd merits ?

    Post  Klonen on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:21 pm

    For group 1, most BRDs will do Minuet for highest attack and Lullaby recast for faster sleeps.

    Group 2 merits aren't a big deal as long as you at least unlock Troubador and Nightingale. You'll rarely use them outside of Soul Voice. However neither of the other group 2 merits are really useful at all... lol

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    brd merits ? Empty Re: brd merits ?

    Post  Hexxen on Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:37 pm

    Full Minute but since i think we have BRDs that have full minute maybe doing Full Madrigal for Zergs would be more useful. Def Full Lullaby. i foudn that i couldnt finale enough but i never merited it. Group two just full Night and Trub as its really nice when u are doing a lot of running in and singing and running away before u die (Odin) that being able to throw up longer songs saves your ass.

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    brd merits ? Empty Re: brd merits ?

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