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    Application Template


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    Application Template

    Post  Nandaryu on Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:32 am

    Application Template
    Include the following information:

    Character Name:
    Second accounts: Yes/No, Name of the account
    FFXIAH link of your account: Not required but useful for information below

    Main jobs: Jobs you have at 85
    Subjobs: Jobs you have at 42+

    Gear: Detailed description including gear sets
    Merits: General and for each job

    Bahamut verI completed: Yes/No
    Dynamis access Xarc/Tav: Yes/No
    Zilart mission status: Completed/current mission
    CoP mission status: Completed/current mission
    ToAU mission status: Completed/current mission
    WotG mission status: Completed/current mission
    Abyssea access: Yes/No
    Final Fantasy XIV: Yes/No

    Experience: How long have you been playing and what aspects of endgame have you experienced?
    Other current linkshells and their focus: Social shells are allowed as long as you are at our events when you're online.
    What are you strong points:
    What are you plans for improving your character:
    Previous linkshells: Where have you been?
    Ventrilo access: Yes/No
    Playtime: When are you usually online EST?

    Any long duration of absence due to personal reasons should be brought up to the leaders with eta of coming back (detailed info not required).

    Copy/paste the text in bold above and edit it with your info.

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