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    Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs



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    Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs

    Post  Knocturnal on Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:10 am

    For those who were in vent yesterday, I was talking about this silly little short story about sky gods. For those who wanted to read it, here it is:

    <Mother> aggro
    <Zipacna> Again? man I just had to HP cuz of these noobs
    <Mother> yeah, killed them, they weren't doin much damage.
    <Zipacna> nice
    <Mother> thx
    <Byakko> someone pop me........
    <Zipacna> lolUlli
    <Ullikummi> stfu
    <Mother> hahhaa
    <Seiryu> ROFL
    <Kirin> lol.

    3mins later
    <Mother> f**k, aggro again......same group
    <Zipacna> lol GL
    <Mother> killed slaves, got the puller though, idiots, going back out, brb
    <Kirin> k.
    <Genbu> sup guys
    <Suzaku> lolGenbu
    <Byakko> lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU im getting tired of that nuts, seriously, makes me want to just quit.
    <Kirin> lol/emoGenbu
    <Suzaku> ROFL!!!!
    <Seriyu> awww nuts you made me get killed........
    <Kirin> HAHA!
    <Genbu> lol

    <Mother> Aggro again........
    <Zipacna> dude wtf, seriously..
    <Mother> lol killed slaves, same as last time, brb
    <Zipacna> gilsellers?
    <Mother> no, but just as bad, Repetition rofl
    <Kirin> LMAO
    <Seiryu> lol
    <Genbu> lol
    <Mother> ...........lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU!

    4minutes later

    <Mother> LMAO just watched them aggro an Aura Gear and PLD died.
    <Zipacna> LMAO!
    <Kirin> lol
    <Seiryu> hahaha
    <Genbu> lol
    <Leaping> .........lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU!!!!!!!!!!!

    4minutes later

    <Mother> lol they won't give up
    <Steam> I know...
    <Zipacna> lol
    <Olla> lol, sup
    <Steam> Hey olla ^^
    <Olla> yo, just got popped, gilsellers
    <Steam> lol girrserrs gonna get pwnt
    <Olla> gonna? already done, hahaha!
    <Steam> lol noice!!
    <Despot> Why don't people pop me anymore....
    <Kirin> ........
    <Zipacna> .......
    <Seiryu> ........
    <Steam> .....lolUlli
    <Ullikummi> STFU
    <Suzaku> LMAO
    <Byakko> yeah STFU
    <Kirin> LMAO!
    <Nidhogg> LOL@SC dude I can't breathe
    <Seriyu> lol

    5minutes later
    <Mother> f**king RNG is owning me and I cant hit this god d**n NIN
    <Kirin> sounds like someone's goin' down.
    <Seiryu> just die and drop so they can fight me.......they tried earlier and got pwnt harder than Genbu did by that soro RDM
    <Kirin> LMAO!
    <Suzaku> lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU!!!!!!!!

    4minutes later
    <Mother> dead ; ;
    <Kirin> need r3?
    <Mother> in a couple hours, gonna go to the store, later guys
    <Genbu> peace
    <Steam> later MG
    <Suzaku> lata
    <Kirin> Yo Suzy
    <Suzaku> Yeah baby?
    <Kirin> I need you and Yakko and Seriyu for a while
    <Seiryu> pop?
    <Suzaku> pop time?
    <Kirin> yar, some noobs, Mosvani and his ls, we should be good.
    <Suzaku> k
    <Byakko> omw after this
    <Seriyu> Stop lieing you havn't fought anyone in months
    <Byakko> STFU!
    <Suzaku> LMAO!!!!!!!!
    <Kirin> rofl
    <Seiryu> hahahaha

    <Genbu> Hey...don't you need me too Kir?

    15 seconds of silence......

    <Sieryu> lolGenbu
    <Suzaku> lolGenbu
    <Byakko> lolGenbu
    <espot> lolGenbu
    <Kirin> lolGenbu
    <Genbu> GOD d**nIT!!!!!!!!!
    <Leaping> hahaha!

    <Zipacna> Thepig just pulled me
    <Byakko> gl
    <Zipacna> {Easy Prey}
    <Kirin> lolIRepetition
    <Zipacna> lol Azyraphale just used invincible
    <Byakko> lol you gonna stay on him?
    <Zipacna> nah
    <Zipacna> f**k this guy using cureIII, hold on

    30 seconds later

    <Zipacna> killed him
    <Byakko> you ignored invincible??
    <Zipacna> ya
    <Fafnir> They'll call a GM on you if you do that.
    <Zipacna> so?
    <Fafnir> ......good point, carry on.
    <Suzaku> lol

    10minutes later

    <Zipacna> pwnt
    <Steam> lol nice, they just killed me
    <Zipacna> revenge
    <Zipacna> Looks like they raising for some more action
    <Mother> back
    <Genbu> wb
    <Seiryu> wb
    <Mother> thx, Kir you busy?
    <Kirin> {Fighting Right Now!} Repetition members
    <Mother> lol@3hr fight
    <Kirin> I know.../sigh I need to skill up anyways.

    5minutes later
    <Zipacna> f**k they are doing better this time
    <Mother> who?
    <Zipacna> Repetition
    <Byakko> lolRepetition
    <Genbu> lolRepetition
    <Wild> lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU!

    15minutes later
    <Zipacna> WTF they got me
    <Seiryu> how...only 6? what setup?
    <Seiryu> ....and that killed you how?
    <Zipacna> enfeebled the f**k out of me the whole fight
    <Kirin> lolenfeebls
    <Zipacna> STFU
    <Suzaku> lmao
    <Byakko> hahahaha!
    <Genbu> lol
    <Tunnel> ..........lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU!!

    <Bubbly> lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU
    <Suzaku> oh kirin i love your manliness bang me hard!
    <Suzaku> nuts mt >.>
    <Suzaku> <.<
    <Suzaku> >.>
    <Kirin> >.>............. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    <Genbu> lol...
    <Kirin>stfu genbu
    <Suzaku> lolgenbu
    <Genbu> STFU!!

    After an LS defeats Kirin.
    <Kirin> .........
    <Suzaku> .......
    <Seiryu> .........
    <Byakko> ......
    <Genbu? .......what?
    <Kirin> You f**kin' suck dude.
    <Suzaku> LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
    <Seiryu> HAHAHAH
    <Genbu> god d**nit you act like I can take on the whole alliance....
    <Byakko> dude....there was only 1 DRK left....everyone wiped.....and you had full HP...
    <Genbu> STFU!!!
    <Bubbling> lolGenbu
    <Genbu> That's IT IM f**kING LEAVING THE LS
    <Kirin> bye Mr. Emo.
    <Byakko> adios
    <Seiryu> syonnara
    <Suzaku> GTFO
    <Kirin> LMAO

    Genbu breaks linkshell.
    <Kirin> He'll be back, rofl.
    <Byakko> nuts even if he's not back idc, he blows
    <Suzaku> lolGenbu
    <Ullikummi> rofl

    Genbu's Application for AdventurerHunters.
    Name: Genbu
    Race: Turtle
    Rank: 5Sky 1Sea 1ToAU

    Jeuno Access? No
    3 City Access? No
    ToAU Access? No

    What do you think you'd contribute most to this LS? I can spend a lot of time with the LS once I get other things done, like missions and killing gilsellers.

    Greatest accomplishment? Killed 2 PLDs who accidently popped me, only took 3 hours.

    Goals? Beat that f**king RDM who keeps soloing me.

    Adventurer Hunter LS discussion.

    <Fafnir> lolGenbu applied for us.
    <King> lmfao.....
    <Simurgh> ughhhhh...
    <Roc> rofl we should let him in.
    <Fafnir> Why....just to make fun of him?
    <Roc> ya
    <Fafnir> WOOT ok.

    Genbu is given a pearl to Adventurer Hunters.

    <Genbu> Hey everyone!

    45 seconds later.

    <Genbu> I said Hi!
    <Simurgh> oh...hey
    <Roc> ya what he said..
    Roc>> dude sim
    >>Simurgh ya?
    Roc>> say lolGenbu
    >>Simurgh LMFAO you do it
    <King> roflGenbu
    Roc>> LMFAO
    >>Simurgh LMFAO
    <Fafnir> LOL dude...
    <Genbu> zoned, what's up?
    <King> rofl...nothing

    Sky LS.

    <Kirin> dude...
    <Sieryu> where's your car?
    <Byakko> lmao
    <Kirin> stfu
    <Suzaku> hahaha
    <Kirin> I miss Genbu...
    <Suzaku> lolGenbu.......so do I
    <Leaping> but he f**king sucks
    <Seiryu> rofl true
    <Kirin> hahaha
    <Tunnel> let's get him back
    <Mother> Hey fellas
    <Zipacna> sup...guys I might have to quit soon....
    <Mother> What? why?....
    <Kirin> lolGenbu left
    <Mother> LMFAO
    <Suzaku> rofl!!
    <Zipacna> stfu
    <Olla> ima go smoke some trees till he gets back, lata bruthas
    <Kirin> later...
    Olla Leaves.
    <Kirin> that guy's weird...
    <Sieryu> lol!
    <Byakko> lol yeah
    <Mother> lolUlli
    <Ullikummi> stfu!!
    <Suzaku> hahahaha

    Adventurer Hunters

    <Genbu> So guys, what's on the menu for tonight?
    <King> turtle...

    <Simurgh> OMG lmao!!!
    <Roc> rofl
    <Alkyoneus> that's so f**ked up...
    <King> stfu Alkynfaliiogjewagijouhglkjhdasslkjgh
    <Roc> lmao
    <Fafnir> alky's emo
    Alkyoneus has left the LS.
    <Simurgh> LMAO
    <Genbu> lol
    <Fafnir> .......
    <Simurgh> ......
    <King> ......
    <Genbu> what?
    <Bune> lolGenbu
    <Genbu> STFU!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs

    Post  Klonen on Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:31 am


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    Re: Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs

    Post  Gcat on Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:43 am

    lol funny


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    Re: Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs

    Post  Knocturnal on Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:13 am

    Oh, and lolGenbu = lolLayonous Twisted Evil

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    Re: Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs

    Post  Chhe on Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:16 am


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    Re: Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs

    Post  Sintar on Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:30 am

    Very Happy

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    Re: Day in the life of Sky Gods LS, by krazyrs

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