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    LS Information and Rules


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    LS Information and Rules

    Post  Daleven on Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:05 pm

    Here is a little bit of info on what we do, and how we handle things.

    Our Current Schedule:

    Linkshell Officers
    Daleven (shellholder)

    We kill all tier 1-4 ZNM's. On raid time we prioritize t4's > t3's, and rarely do t1-t2's during a raid. Most t1-t2's and several t3's are very easy to low-man, so we leave people to get them done outside of raid time. That said, if you need help with t1-t2's, it is not hard to find others willing to help. From any ZNM, the person who supplies the trigger item gets the trigger drop, and one additional drop, which they can choose from the treasure pool after the mob dies. This can be a ra/ex item, or a money drop. All other ra/ex items are freelotted, and money drops are sold and split between everyone who helped with the fight.

    Limbus: We started as a Limbus shell, and have been very successful there, killing Ultima with as few as 11 people, and Omega with as few as 8. AF+1 items are freelot to those who can use, and coins are split evenly at the end of a run. A points list is used to determine Ultima/Omega drops.

    Sky: As it's not hard to farm triggers with a small group, we leave it to members to farm triggers off raid time. People who farmed the triggers get lotting priority, and anything they don't want is freelotted. Money drops are sold and split between everyone who helped with the fight. Drops from Kirin are decided by officers based on attendance. We do Sky occasionally as a Misc raid on Thursdays, or sneak in a couple god fights wherever they fit in.

    Sea: We kill everything in Sea except AV. Cape drops in Sea are freelot to those present (We usually do Ix'aerns outside of raid time). Jailer weapons are also freelot. Torques are given out based on Sea attendance, and Novia/Novio earrings are given out based on over-all linkshell attendance.

    Dynamis: We use /seacom for lotting in city zones. Pick a #1, #2 and #3. When an AF drops, anyone with it as #1 lots. If no #1's then #2's lot, etc. Anything that nobody has chosen will go freelot to those who can use it. Outlands and CoP drops will be handled the same, except with a static list. This means you cannot change your lotting order each run. This helps drops to be more evenly distributed. People working on relic sponsor our runs. Others are able to join the sponsorship after showing some dedication. Talk to an officer for more details.

    Misc: We also do random other events, sneaking them in wherever we have time. These include, but are not limited to, Ouryu/Bahamut v2, trigger-popped NM's (Rostrums, Ohat, Soboro, Swift Belt, etc.), and Sky gods.

    Our rules are very simple:

    -Show up to raids if you're online. We allow people to carry multiple linkshells, though we much prefer full ownership of your soul. Twisted Evil If you are going to be raiding with another shell or are online but not attending a raid, it must be explained to an officer.

    -Respect your shellmates. If you have a problem with someone and can't deal with it in /tells, take it to an officer in /tell. Keep your drama to an absolute minimum.

    -Bring your A-game always. We expect you to come prepared, pay attention, know what you're doing, and do your job well. If you don't know what's expected of you in any situation, ask!

    Melee keep auto-target off, and follow assists.
    BLM's, you are expected to make sure mobs are slept, nuke down statues, then either rest MP or help with the current melee assist target *IN THAT ORDER.* We do not use a mage assist.

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