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    Succor to the Sidhe


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    Succor to the Sidhe

    Post  Nandaryu on Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:05 am

    Exchange particular wep to Callisto at F-6 in Grauberg-s
    Watchful Pixies are scatter throughout WotG areas, they will give info on NM, your wep, and will offer to start the battle.

    Each area has different NMs(30min limit) with different strat, favorite one seems to be Grauberg-s Ru`bha stonewall + 4 Sentinel Wivre pets
    normal setup, im sure there are plently of strats but the regular strat is

    pld/nin(better option) or nin/drk kites til DDs clear pets, kites when NM uses invincible (@75% 50% 25%, and seems to grow in def near death closing light with 2dmg)

    rdm enfeebles, take care of tank

    blm sleepga pets off start, cast enfeebles on NM as well as nuke

    2 good DDs drk/sam are good, sam/nin i assume mnks (I was sc guilt-gekko for frag and if i had sekk up kasha for light, atonement from pld can also close

    last person to /assist when rdm needs mp variable options here, smn in our group filled the spot just great

    After NM is killed a Jubilant Pixie will pop in place of the watchful pixie, and give you either your augment wep or a item if you did not turn in a wep.
    Have 5 chances at wep augmentation

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    Re: Succor to the Sidhe

    Post  Nandaryu on Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:52 pm

    Couple things i forgot to add, smns buffs and having carbs chase NM around to tell quickly when invincible drops was a definite plus
    rdm phalanx 2 on pld was also good, i tankd it for last2% on sam 3eye ni 3eye ichi repeat... on last fight due to pld dc/death doubt i could maintain that...for a whole battle

    Only ones that seem worth augmenting(that i have seen thus far from BG/KI/AH)...
    Job Weapon Base stats (augment stats)

    Pup Oberon`s sainti dmg 15 d51 (+3 dmg 10h2h acc9 pmab 4)
    Sam Rindomaru dmg 77 d450 (16stp wsdmg5% wsacc5%) close to hagun/no parse info shown yet to confirm
    Drg Fay lance dmg 90 d480 (+5dmg 3dex 3str)
    Rng Fay Gendawa dmg 72 d540 (delay-9% 4str 20rattk 14wsacc 3wsdmg)
    Smn Fay Crozier dmg 50 d366 (-3 perp -5bp +8pet attk +5pet mab) and saves +7 spaces in inventory
    War Erlking's Kheten dmg 91 d504 (+6dmg +7attk +2da)
    Thf Fane baselard dmg 22/27 d186 (+5dmg 2tripleatk acc10)
    Whm Dweomer maul dmg35/38 d340 (-5cure cast +6cure potency)
    Brd Dweomer knife dmg25/28 d185 (-4 song casting +5 chr +7 macc)
    Sch Fay staff dmg54 d402 ( 8elemental skill 6enhancing 10macc +1fastcast)

    The rest are not worth mentioning due to being crap compared to what is out there, aka sorry blm you get fkd over again (scythe dmg80 mab8 mcrit8).
    Again this is what I have found, there might be better ones, and the possibility of getting ones above are very rare due to them being useful ^^

    1st failed due to Jakee(BLM) going afk after first 5min
    2nd ws acc6 additional effect disease 8
    3rd str -2 store tp 4 (Come the #### on -stats are you serious...)
    4th ws acc wind resist 4
    5th ...(im assuming this wont be what i want so ill be buying another rindo soon)

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    Re: Succor to the Sidhe

    Post  Gcat on Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:38 pm

    not many worth even doing

    THF -- best result Blau dolch match
    RNG -- Bow that almost compare to Ebow but still wont out DoT
    SAM -- a 5hit setup about ur only + but pretty sure Hagun will > it
    MNK -- blows
    PUP -- blows
    drk -- maybe
    WAR -- can have a nice rep to a Perdu
    NIN -- not gonna beat senji/perdu
    SMN -- can be VERY nice, can be > Bstaff
    PLD -- maybe ok but no haut
    WHM -- could be ok
    RDM -- Enhanc sword -1
    BRD -- meh could be good
    BST -- Also could be good
    DRG -- half ass thas but no Vfork
    BLU -- not bad rep for kog
    COR-- lol joke dmg
    DNC -- who cares
    SCH -- nice staffs for buffs

    takes my take on all the pix i've seen


    100+3 Alchemy

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    Re: Succor to the Sidhe

    Post  Nandaryu on Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:08 am

    "DRG -- half ass thas but no Vfork"
    the lack of the additional effect eva that part sucks, and the little vit for jumps which only matters if drg has a jump set which i have yet to see, i personally didnt take the time to make one due to being required to be sam for everything.

    thalascrott..........94 dmg 480 delay dex2 vit 2 additional effect impairs evasion (suppose to be like a 10-20+ acc for party depending on mob)
    fey lance(best)....95 dmg 480 delay dex 3 str 3 additional effect flash/stun/....
    Bourdonasse........84 dmg 478 delay weak to blunt onry mobs (only mention this cuz it beats out thal on pots and such)

    basically fay +1dmg 1 dex 2str vs thal impair evasion
    I personnaly will test both out to see what fairs better, Im sure fay may be more of a situational like soboro is for sam/dnc /rng.

    As for vfork there isnt that many of them out and ability to obtain one for a average player is = average blm obtaining novio earring
    id put Gungir>>mythic>vfork>thal+1 as a extreme luck to obtain. Mine as well mention other distuingishly hard weps to get for the other 18 jobs such as relic/mythic/kc if you are comparing fay lance to vfork and haut for pld is about the same.

    For the most part I agree with everything you say G, I only comment on drg because its my main and I know thf(gimp ; Wink and sam to some degree. I cant comment on the other 17 vice the comparing them to what else is out there and what I have read on forums.

    Currently doing rindo so I can hopefully replace my soboro in campaign.

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    Re: Succor to the Sidhe

    Post  Hexxen on Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:48 am

    most SMNs on wiki forums are saying that Bstaff still our does it even if you get perfect states on the staff. and PUPs isnt bad. You would need to do more then one though because the states you can get are situational.

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    Re: Succor to the Sidhe

    Post  Daleven on Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:15 pm

    Only good thing a WHM can get on it is cure cast time -5%. With that, I'd start casting in Dweomer Maul, then swap in Templar Mace for potency. Done 3 tries and no luck so far. Grauberg fight is real easy though.

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    Re: Succor to the Sidhe

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